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Attention: Coaches, Healers, Consultants, Trainers, Speakers, and other Transformational Entrepreneurs


Give me 6 weeks and I’ll teach you my proven system for creating a 6-figure income doing what you love ($3000 – $10,000 per client!) so you can serve more people, make more money and make more of a difference in the world. This program is designed SPECIFICALLY for transformational entrepreneurs who want to be fulfilled by serving people and doing what they love.

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?

  • You have a gift you want to share with the world, but you know that you aren’t being paid what you’re worth.
  •  You provide incredible transformation to your clients, but you’re uncomfortable charging for the work that comes so easily to you.
  •  You’re unsure of how to price your services or you’re afraid people won’t pay if you start raising your rates.
  •  You want to play a bigger game — more money, more clients, more visibility — but you can’t imagine how to get there.
  •  You get people in for a few sessions, but then they go away, and you don’t know how to get them back. You feel stuck, like you can’t get to the next level.

If you relate to even one of these, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading, because…

Pamela Bruner

Pamela Bruner

CEO, Business Coach

I’m Pamela Bruner, and I’ve been where you are.

My story is probably a lot like yours: I always hated marketing and sales. After all, I was offering my spiritual gifts to the world. I knew that I could help people transform their lives. Why should I have to market myself? So I struggled to get clients, felt inadequate, wasn’t making money and wasn’t having fun.

And the biggest problem was – I WANTED to do the work. More than I wanted the money. I wanted feel fulfilled, knowing that I was helping people transform. Eventually I sought some help. The spiritual folks talked about mental blocks and mindset. The marketing folks kept feeding me techniques and tactics.

I’d heard ‘do what you love and the money will follow.’

It’s not true.

Here’s what’s true: ‘Do what you love, and the money will follow if you have a system’.

I finally figured it out. With a lot of trial and error and many detours along the way, I created a process – a step-by-step system — that allows me to share my gifts with the world, all while serving my clients authentically, and in integrity.

Then, as part of the process, I had to use cutting-edge mindset techniques to get past my challenges around marketing, sales, and money. I found that there was a critical part of a process for extraordinary success, so I started using this system with my clients as well.

Does this process work?

Absolutely! I went from $375 a month to $1,000,000 in less than 3 years with this system. And for the first two years, I wasn’t even working full-time in this business!

My process has helped hundreds of other conscious entrepreneurs make the same shift.

$70,000 in three months!”
Hiring a business coach was part of my strategic plan to take my business to the next level because of my wide exposure to many excellent business coaches.

Pamela Bruner stood out head and shoulders above the rest as a master business coach with the exact experience and expertise I needed and wanted. So I expected great things when I hired her…but that’s not what I got.

The first week she had me “tweak” something that resulted in a 4X increase in revenue that literally paid for my entire investment in her coaching program twice over! Next she helped me design and launch a brilliant set of programs – based on what I love to do most – that grossed over $70,000 in 3 months.

She coaches from both her heart and her brilliant mastery of business and I trust her completely as a key player in my business and in my future.

Margaret M. Lynch

Success Coach, EFT Expert

I want to show you how you can do the same. You can take advantage of my work, and save months or years of time on your path to success.

Imagine if you could:

  • Have rock-solid systems for pricing your gifts and services in a way that ensures a powerful transformation for your clients, and has your clients thrilled that they invested!
  • Earn a comfortable living — or make BIG money — without compromising your integrity, service or values.
  • Confidently price your services so you double or triple your income in as little as a few weeks, while working LESS!
  • Break the cycle of fear and procrastination (and prepare to be surprised by moving up to the next level of success).
  • Find your ideal high-paying clients so the energy-drainers go away.
  • Get your work out to a much wider audience, so you can FINALLY earn more money while making a massive impact.

I’ve tripled my business”

Six months ago I was at a point in my business where I was actually thinking about giving it up and quitting because I just was so paralyzed by my own fears. I didn’t know what the right steps were. And then I met Pamela Bruner. And six months later I’ve tripled my business. I have so much confidence because I know now that I’m not alone. And I don’t know everything and that’s okay. I don’t need to know everything because I have the support and the resources through Pamela that I need to be successful in my business and it’s truly transformed me into a fledgling business owner into a true entrepreneur.

LeeAnn Shattuck


Introducing the Signature System Blueprint:

You will complete this series knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to share your gifts while you grow your business to six figures (or more!) PLUS you’ll have the internal resources to actually implement this plan. Now you can learn to claim your own unique strengths with a step-by-step system that makes you a magnet for ideal clients who pay you top dollar for what you do.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Add $2,000, $3,000 or even $10,000 a month in income using the gifts you already have.
  • The secrets to creating and pricing a package from the gifts that are most natural to you.
  • Get your work out to a much wider audience, so you serve more people and make more of a difference.
  • Accelerate your business growth with an easy-to-follow system that brings in money faster, and builds on your unique strengths.
  • Quote your new (higher!) rates and feel comfortable and confident.
  • Share your work from a place of service, passion, and authenticity – that’s also tremendously effective!

How do you do all this?

We’ll re-vision how to offer YOUR GIFTS in a way that’s both effective and profitable.

You’ll save time, energy and money by avoiding mistakes.

Most transformational entrepreneurs make HUGE mistakes like

  • Trading dollars-for-hours, so they are underpaid and risking burnout.
  • Charging for sessions, rather than packages, so they have to constantly be in ‘sales mode’ rather than in service.
  • Sharing the same information with client after client in a way that isn’t valued, so they aren’t appreciated or compensated for what they are offering.

Instead, you’ll get a step-by-step system!

I’ll give you the exact steps you need to take your business to 6 figures and beyond. It’ll be straightforward, with no reading between the lines, no guesswork. You’ll leave with a system for success you can immediately put to work.

AND you’ll get game-changing special techniques:

We’ll make mindset changes, and clear old blocks, FAST with cutting-edge techniques, including tapping techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). EFT, and the other techniques we’ll use have been used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide for issues ranging from fear of public speaking to PTSD, and many other issues.

This is one of the KEYS to success, and why so many other programs like this just don’t deliver. You MUST have the mindset and clearing techniques in order to succeed.

You won’t just use these techniques in the program. You’ll learn the formula for how to use them for every aspect of your business, so doing business constantly becomes easier and easier.

I just brought in $200,000.”

From working with Pamela, I went from being awkward and uncomfortable when the conversation would come up about money, to actually loving the whole conversation where I get to know someone. I love to do sales now because it feels like tremendous service. And I just enrolled a program of 26 of my ideal clients into a year-long mentoring program for yoga teachers and I couldn’t be more pleased. I had my most amazing income year ever last year. I just brought in $200,000. And it’s really from getting comfortable with being authentic, being of service, having that difficult moment of a conversation with someone. And Pamela helped me get comfortable with that and create space for the client to step in if it was right for them. So thank you so much Pamela.

Laura Cornell


Module 1 – Identify Your Signature Tribe

Discover the ideal group of hot buyers that you’re meant to serve, so you’re paid top-dollar for what you do!


  • Map the connection between your expertise & gifts, and the money you desire so you do what you love and are well-paid.
  • Find the perfect application of your spiritual gifts so you serve the world in a much bigger way.
  • Identify the most lucrative application of your expertise, so you make the maximum profit while doing what you love most.

Bonus: ‘Unlock Your Gifts’ bonus call and worksheet.
Bonus: Signature System Hot Topics List

Module 2 – Access Your Signature Brilliance

Identify all the genius that you have (that you’re currently not being paid for) so you attract clients more easily, and they’re happy to pay you far more.




  • Learn a step-by-step formula for creating a program, product, or offering that people need, and will eagerly pay for.
  • Access parts of your expertise that you didn’t even know you had but will bring you lots of money.
  • How to get the ‘organic work’ that you do out of your head and into a program or package so you can serve more people, and create multiple streams of income.

Bonus: Signature System Profitable Naming Template: Easily create juicy names for your package.
Bonus: Successful Signature System Examples Packet

Module 3 – Design Your Signature System

Create your ideal offering: the best format for the transformation you provide, so you maximize both the impact for your client and the profitability for you.

  • Learn the 3 best ways to share your knowledge so ideal clients will get the most out of what you offer.
  • Create a high-ticket offering from your gifts that attracts eager fans.
  • Discover the ins and outs of creating and packaging content so your people feel incredibly well-served.

Bonus: Signature System Templates to easily format a high-ticket package.
Bonus: Making Your Signature System Irresistible
Bonus: Signature System Resources: How to Create a Great Package

Module 4 – Price Your Signature System

Discover the four pricing strategies to reach the perfect price for your package or program.

  • Strategize the ‘sweet spot price’ that maximizes both your profit and your clients’ transformation.
  • Create a pricing strategy that allows you to serve more, and make more.
  • Uplevel your money mindset so you can double or triple your fees with ease.

Bonus: Signature System Pricing Guide: Keys to setting the perfect price for your offering.

Module 5 – Sell Your Signature System

Learn the simple, step-by-step system for authentic, effective sales conversations, so you enjoy enrolling new clients (and it’s surprisingly easy even at your new higher rates!)



  • Master authentic, effective techniques to have people say ‘yes’ to what you do.
  • Avoid the 5 common mistakes that transformational entrepreneurs make when offering their gifts.
  • Become confident with sales, so you’re selling from a place of service and power.

Bonus: Signature System Selling Guide: Proven scripts for high-ticket sales.

Module 6 – Expand Your Signature System

Learn exactly when and how to move into lower-priced offerings, how to enroll your group programs, and the ins and outs of passive income generation.



  • Construct your business around your money-producing gifts so that you spend more time doing what you love.
  • Discover the business structures that work as you progress to six figures and beyond. Become comfortable with the money that your gifts bring you.
  • Receive strategies to re-purpose the work that you’ve already done into multiple streams of income, so you’re serving more people, and making more money – with very little work.

Happiness Guarantee:

I understand that I make this investment at no risk. If I don’t love all the great information and transformation, I can let you know before the 3rd class and get a full refund.


Pamela helped me to sell more and increase my profits!”

I have a heart-centered business so I didn’t want to come across salesy or inauthentic. Pamela was able to help me find a way to sell more and to increase my profits but do it the way that I want.

If you are considering taking it up quite a few notches, this woman knows what she’s talking about.

She’s done it herself. And not only has she done it herself, she is a brilliant facilitator and coach. She has the experience and she can teach you to how to do it. She’s awesome!

Rachael Jayne Groover


Yes, Pamela! I definitely want to join you for The Signature System Blueprint!

“This sounds wonderful, Pamela, but I’ve seen lots of programs that teach you to make money. What makes yours different?”
Excellent question.



First, although there are many ways to make money, there is only one way that is both personally fulfilling: making money from your gifts, and only one way that is sustainable: having a SYSTEM that is created around signature gifts.

But knowing how to offer those gifts so that your ideal clients are eager to buy, and you know that you’re serving them and the world in a big way… while having the time freedom to have a life that you enjoy? That’s something that almost no one else is teaching.

Why? Because it doesn’t just take strategy.

You need BOTH the strategy to do it, and the mindset shifts to allow you to create and offer your gifts in a new, powerful way.

ONLY the super-successful millionaire and billionaire entrepreneurs know and embrace this:

Business requires a strategic plan AND the proper mindset.

When you complete the “Signature System Blueprint” you’ll have experienced the mindset changes you need to get the clients, and make more money, faster. You’ll have the strategy to make money with this new mindset. Even better, it’s permanent! It doesn’t require sheer will power. In fact, once you get in your new mindset, business success becomes a habit.

“Should I do this program if I’m just starting my business?”
Absolutely – That’s a great time!



Here’s the thing: I see so many entrepreneurs who struggle and stumble, trying to figure it out on their own because it’s ‘too early’ to get help. They end up losing money, wasting time, and not helping all the clients out there that they could be helping.

Why not do it right from the beginning?

“How do I know I can get a return on this investment?”
If you’re planning on making a good living (or a great living!) from the work that you do, that means you need to make at least $50,000 a year. And six figures is probably what you’re aiming for.



That means that every month you spend trying to ‘figure this out on your own’ costs you a potential $8333. And that’s just for one month!

This investment is a tiny fraction of what you want to create. But you don’t even have to do advanced math for this. What would it be worth to you to get even 2 or 3 new clients in each of the next 6 months? $5000? Tens of thousands?

If you’re thinking ‘a new client just means a $100 session…’ then think what it would be like to have a new client be worth $5000!

Imagine how many new clients you could get if you eliminated the fear, hesitation, and procrastination in your business.

Some of my clients report increasing their revenues by thousands of dollars, in just a few weeks or months. Multiply these earnings by 2 or 3 years…and it’s a no-brainer.

Just sold a $5000 package!

I just sold a “HELP! I Need a Miracle” Package

I was talking to myself in my head about lowering the price and cutting the student a deal (because, before working with Pamela I just charged $100/hour), BUT, I remembered what Pamela wrote to me, “If you’re making miracles happen, you need to be paid for miracles!” Sooo, I stuck with the price.

And, her biggest concern was if she could make two payments and from where and how fast she could get that first payment to me!

This whole process… has truly transformed my life.

Dr. Irene Blinston


But this program isn’t for everyone.

For those of you wanting a magic money pill, I’ll invite you to search elsewhere. This isn’t another get-rich-quick newfangled money model guaranteed to make you a gazillion in a week. This is for you if you’re ready to take action and get real about your business. You have to do the work of the program to get the results.

How much work? Once you understand the system, I’ve had clients create and offer a package in as little as a week or two!

So how do you know if this is right for you? If…

  • You provide a great service or product, you’re ready to make a difference in the world and get well-paid for your unique abilities.
  • You want to make a 6-figure or even 7-figure income as a transformational entrepreneur, combining money and meaning.
  • You want to make sure, in growing your business, that you still lead a life that you love with free time for family and friends.
  • You’re willing to take action, as long as it’s in alignment with your values.
  • You know you need to grow your business but aren’t making money fast enough trying to market and sell the way you do now.
  • You’re committed to having a big impact in the lives of your clients, and the world.
Yes, Pamela!

I’m in for the Signature System Blueprint.

I understand that I’ll receive:
The Signature System Blueprint program:

6 Signature System Training Guides

Templates, examples, and handouts

6 PRE-RECORDED 90-minute training/Q&A calls

MP3s of all calls

Private Facebook forum access (ask me questions 24/7!)

Kick-start ‘Unlock Your Gifts’ call

I’ll also receive:
19 Ways to Find Your Ideal Client Training
  • Easily locate those people eager to purchase your high-ticket, high-value package.
  • Identify places that your potential clients are hiding that you never even considered!
  • Systematically discover new ways to connect with groups of your ideal clients.
  • Get the step-by-step formula for exactly how to ask people to have a consultation with you, naturally and authentically.
  • Keys to help your ideal clients say ‘yes, I’d love to speak with you!’
  • Confidently answer the question ‘how much do you charge?’
Ticket to 3-day Live Event ‘Transform: Tapping into Wealth and Business Mastery’
  • Join several hundred transformational entrepreneurs for a powerful experience of training, inspiration, and connection!
Total Value: $3791


Total Value: $3791

/4 Payments

Happiness Guarantee:

I understand that I make this investment at no risk. If I don’t love all the great information and transformation, I can let you know before the 3rd class and get a full refund.

$68,000 in six weeks!

I’m so happy I joined Pamela’s program. In the first six weeks of working with her, I have booked $68,000 of clients for my programs!

John English


P.S. – Imagine your business 6 months from now. Are you bringing in all the clients you want, and enjoying your new level of income? Or are you still struggling with offering your gifts, wishing you didn’t have to charge for it, and wondering why doing what you love has to be SO hard? Get rid of the struggle now.