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Attention: Coaches, Healers, Consultants, Trainers, Speakers, and other Transformational Entrepreneurs

Discover How to Have a Big Impact on the World, Make $3,000 – $10,000 Per Client, and Work Less

(While Serving Your Clients More)

From the Desk of Pamela Bruner

For over 4 years I had what I call an “imaginary coaching business.” That’s the kind where you say you’re a coach, but you only have 2 clients, and 1 of them you’re coaching for free. (Can you relate?)

I had a love of coaching, and a passion to serve and help others, but I struggled with what so many transformational entrepreneurs struggle with… marketing.

I was terrified to put myself out there, and I was making the embarrassingly low amount $375/month as a coach.   

While I wasn’t happy about the money, what really ate at me was that I wasn’t making the difference in people’s live that I wanted to make.

And then 9 years ago… EVERYTHING CHANGED.

When I discovered what I’m going to share with you on this page, I went from $375/month to OVER A MILLION DOLLARS a year in just 3 years.

If you're on this page I'm guessing you likely fit into one of three categories:

1 – You’re a “starving genius.” You’re an active or aspiring coach, healer, therapist or other transformational entrepreneur who is struggling to find clients and make a full-time living, leaving you frustrated and unfulfilled.

  • You have a gift you want to share with the world, but you know that you aren’t being paid what you’re worth.
  • You provide incredible transformation to your clients, but you’re uncomfortable charging for the work that comes so easily to you.
  • You struggle with networking, marketing, websites, messaging, and everything in between that gets you the clients you need to be able to run a sustainable business.
2 – You’re an “overworked giver.” You’re a coach, healer, therapist or other transformational entrepreneur who has created a decent income, but you’ve maxed out private time.

  • You’ve hit an income ceiling and can’t grow, and you have little to no time freedom.
  • Perhaps you want to play a bigger game — with more money, more clients, more visibility — but you can’t imagine how to get there.
  • Or perhaps you’re drained and overworked, struggling to come to terms with how you can keep your income up at your current pace of work, knowing that your transformational work takes lots of energy.
3 – You’re a “compulsive creator.” You’re frustrated with trying to be an online expert, creating blog posts, podcasts, videos and other online content, along with products and programs but you’re struggling to reach enough people and sell enough products to earn a living.

  • You’re frustrated with an overwhelming amount of “internet marketing” information on the web and it’s complexities, never knowing in which direction to go to get reach and impact…
  • You’re tired of having to constantly learn new strategies when all you really want to do is help people…
  • You want to help people but you’re not clear on your message and how to develop it and articulate it to the world in a way that is unique, relevant and digestible to people online

Regardless of the category you fit in, let me tell you one important thing…

If you want to earn more money, have more time freedom, and have a bigger impact on others through coaching, speaking and online marketing, then what you'll discover on this page will change everything for you...

I’ve been where you are and I know I can help.  

It’s been my life’s mission and passion to help transformational entrepreneurs just like you to succeed.  

Why you may ask?…  Because I’m a transformation entrepreneur just like you!  🙂

My story is probably a lot like yours: I always hated marketing and sales.

After all, I was offering my spiritual gifts to the world.  Why should I have to market myself?!

So I struggled to get clients, felt inadequate, wasn’t making money and wasn’t having fun.

And the biggest problem was – I really WANTED to do the work. It wasn’t about the money for me.  I wanted to feel fulfilled, knowing that I was helping people transform.

Eventually, I sought some help. The spiritual folks taught me about mental blocks and mindset. The marketing folks fed me techniques and tactics.  

They were all important parts of the puzzle, but for years I was unclear on how to put it all together.  And sadly…

There’s a lot of misinformation about what it takes to build a transformational business (a lesson I learned the hard way) and if you go about it the wrong way, you’ll struggle.  

I don’t want that for you.  I don’t want you to be stuck in a pattern of being a “starving genius,” or “overworked giver,” or “compulsive creator.”

I’ve helped thousands of people just like you to actually build the business they dreamed of when they first followed their passion and made the career switch to becoming a transformational entrepreneur (do you still remember that dream you had?).  

And while I’ve helped people develop in different areas such as with their one on one coaching skills, or with how to market through networking, speaking and internet marketing, or how to grow and scale their business and much more…

The most important first step I have always taught, that has BY FAR the biggest effect on income, time freedom and impact for transformational entrepreneurs is learning how to build an effective and profitable Signature System.

I'll detail exactly what a Signature System is in a minute, but first let me explain why having a Signature System is essential and how it will transform both your business and your life...

Because I know that above all else, you want to know that what I’m sharing with you today will have an actual impact on the quality of YOUR life, and your ability to serve others without the stress of money, marketing, and running a business.

Imagine if you could:

  • Have rock-solid systems for pricing your services in a way that ensures a powerful transformation for your clients, and has your clients thrilled that they invested!


  • Never again feel judged for the dollar per hour rate that you’re charging, because nobody will even be looking at that.
  • Earn a much more comfortable living — or make BIG moneywithout compromising your integrity, service or values.
  • Confidently price your services so you double or triple your income in as little as a few weeks, while working LESS!
  • Break the cycle of fear and procrastination, wondering if you’ll have enough clients from month to month.
  • Find your ideal high-paying clients so that you no longer have to work with the energy-drainers that aren’t willing to do the work to transform.
  • Get your work out to a much wider audience, so you can FINALLY earn more money while making a massive impact.

That’s what a Signature System can do for you!

“$70,000 in three months!”

“Hiring a business coach was part of my strategic plan to take my business to the next level because of my wide exposure to many excellent business coaches. Pamela Bruner stood out head and shoulders above the rest as a master business coach with the exact experience and expertise I needed and wanted. So I expected great things when I hired her…but that’s not what I got. The first week she had me “tweak” something that resulted in a 4X increase in revenue that literally paid for my entire investment in her coaching program twice over! Next, she helped me design and launch a brilliant set of programs – based on what I love to do most – that grossed over $70,000 in 3 months. She coaches from both her heart and her brilliant mastery of business and I trust her completely as a key player in my business and in my future.”

Margaret M. Lynch Success Coach, EFT Expert

You may be thinking..."But shouldn't I just follow my passion and the money will follow?"

You can if you’d like to… but my guess is that either you’ve gone down that path already and seen the fruitless and frustrating results… or you’re on the path to learning that now.  

I can tell you from my personal experience and the experience of working with thousands of clients that eventually you’ll come to the same conclusion I did…

Doing what you love, and having the money follow ONLY works if you have a system.

Without a system for getting more clients, and earning more money per client, and getting stronger results with those clients… you’ll always be trapped in an endless dollar per hour cycle.

So do you want to transform your business and your life?!  Are you ready to finally make things easier than they’ve ever been before?

Then get ready because developing your Signature System will be the most effective asset you’ll ever have to transform your business, your life, and the lives of others.

And the best part is…

I’ll show you exactly how to do it so that you can focus your energy on transforming people’s lives, rather than stressing out about growing your business and your income…

Here's What a Signature System Is... AND What's It's Not!


A Signature System is not

    • A Signature System is not putting together a package of 5 to 10 sessions and selling them at a discount.  All that does is lower the hourly rate you earn…


    • A Signature System is not creating a low ticket item that you package and sell online.  That just creates a whole new challenge of needing to reach thousands and thousands of people in order to make a real income…


  • A Signature System is not a system that is just “in your head” that you can’t easily and quickly explain the benefits of to others.  That prevents it from creating real impact and helping others in the world…

So Here's What a Signature System Is...

    • A Signature System takes your genius, your best work, and puts it in a format that provides extraordinary value to your clients, takes up much less of your private time, and is something that your ideal clients are happy to pay top-dollar for.


    • A Signature System involves creating a process for proven and measurable results for your ideal clients, through additional resources that you create in an evergreen format. These may include videos, audios, articles, PDF’s, checklists and other resources that go hand in hand with your one-on-one work…


  • A Signature System is a format that shifts the focus from being solely about your one-on-one time (and the hourly rate you charge!) to being results-driven, allowing you to earn more income AND help more people with better results in the process!
So how exactly do you create a Signature System in a way that has people lining up wanting to pay you because they can clearly see the value and results you deliver?

I’ll show you…

Introducing the

Signature System Blueprint

Imagine for a minute what your life would be like if in just a few short weeks you could transform your business so that you no longer had to stress about money and marketing…

Within weeks you could double or triple your income, with less one on one sessions in a way that gets your clients BIGGER results!

That’s what the Signature Success Blueprint will do for you!

“I just brought in $200,000.”

From working with Pamela, I went from being awkward and uncomfortable when the conversation would come up about money, to actually loving the whole conversation where I get to know someone. I love to do sales now because it feels like tremendous service. And I just enrolled a program of 26 of my ideal clients into a year-long mentoring program for yoga teachers and I couldn’t be more pleased. I had my most amazing income year ever last year. I just brought in $200,000. And it’s really from getting comfortable with being authentic, being of service, having that difficult moment of a conversation with someone. And Pamela helped me get comfortable with that and create space for the client to step in if it was right for them. So thank you so much, Pamela.

Laura Cornell DivineFeminineYoga.com

Get Step by Step Guidance on How to Create Your Signature System So That You Can Start Earning $3,000 to $10,000 Per Client!

No more getting stuck in an exhausting trading hours for dollars model where you risk burnout and fear that any interruption in your life will drop your income…

No more cap on your income based on the numbers of sessions you can get done in a month or year…

No more stress from month to month, wondering if your clients will see the value in working with you and book more sessions (even though you know the value is there!)

No more sharing the same information with client after client in a way that isn’t valued, so you aren’t appreciated or compensated for what you’re offering.

The Signature System Blueprint Will Show You EXACTLY, From Start to Finish, How to Build Out Your Signature System and How to Find Your Ideal Clients That Will Line Up to Purchase It!

I’ll give you the exact steps you need to take your business to 6 figures and beyond.

It’ll be straightforward, with no reading between the lines, no guesswork. You’ll leave with a system for success you can immediately put to work.

PLUS, we’ll also work together to make mindset changes, and clear old blocks, FAST with cutting-edge techniques such as EFT Tapping.

EFT Tapping has been used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide for issues ranging from fear of public speaking to PTSD, and many other issues.

This is one of the KEYS to success, and why so many other programs like this just don’t deliver. You MUST have the mindset and clearing techniques in order to succeed.

You won’t just use these techniques in the program. You’ll learn the formula for how to use them for every aspect of your business, so doing business constantly becomes easier and easier.

Here are the steps I'll take you through...



Discover the ideal group of hot buyers that you’re meant to serve, so you’re paid top-dollar for what you do!

  • Map the connection between your expertise & gifts, and the money you desire so you do what you love and are well-paid.
  • Find the perfect application of your spiritual gifts so you serve the world in a much bigger way.
  • Identify the most lucrative application of your expertise, so you make the maximum profit while doing what you love most.

Bonus:  “Unlock Your Gifts” bonus call and worksheet.
Bonus:  Signature System Hot Topics List


Access Your Signature Brilliance

Identify all the genius that you have (that you’re currently not being paid for) so you attract clients more easily, and they’re happy to pay you far more.

  • Learn a step-by-step formula for creating a program, product, or offering that people need, and will eagerly pay for.
  • Access parts of your expertise that you didn’t even know you had but will bring you lots of money.
  • How to get the ‘organic work’ that you do out of your head and into a program or package so you can serve more people, and create multiple streams of income.

Bonus: Signature System Profitable Naming Template: Easily create juicy names for your package.
Bonus: Successful Signature System Examples Packet


Design Your Signature System

Create your ideal offering: the best format for the transformation you provide, so you maximize both the impact for your client and the profitability for you.

  • Learn the 3 best ways to share your knowledge so ideal clients will get the most out of what you offer.
  • Create a high-ticket offering from your gifts that attracts eager fans.
  • Discover the ins and outs of creating and packaging content so your people feel incredibly well-served.

Bonus: Signature System Templates to easily format a high-ticket package.
Bonus: Making Your Signature System Irresistible
Bonus: Signature System Resources: How to Create a Great Package


Price Your Signature System

Discover the four pricing strategies to reach the perfect price for your package or program.

  • Strategize the ‘sweet spot price’ that maximizes both your profit and your clients’ transformation.
  • Create a pricing strategy that allows you to serve more, and make more.
  • Uplevel your money mindset so you can double or triple your fees with ease.

Bonus: Signature System Pricing Guide: Keys to setting the perfect price for your offering.
Bonus: Making Your Signature System Irresistible
Bonus: Signature System Resources: How to Create a Great Package


Sell Your Signature System

Learn the simple, step-by-step system for authentic, effective sales conversations, so you enjoy enrolling new clients (and it’s surprisingly easy even at your new higher rates!)

  • Master authentic, effective techniques to have people say ‘yes’ to what you do.
  • Avoid the 5 common mistakes that transformational entrepreneurs make when offering their gifts.
  • Become confident with sales, so you’re selling from a place of service and power.

Bonus: Signature System Selling Guide: Proven scripts for high-ticket sales.


Expand Your Signature System

Learn exactly when and how to move into lower-priced offerings, how to enroll your group programs, and the ins and outs of passive income generation.

  • Discover the business structures that work as you progress to six figures and beyond. Become comfortable with the money that your gifts bring you.
  • Receive strategies to re-purpose the work that you’ve already done into multiple streams of income, so you’re serving more people, and making more money – with very little work.
  • Get your work out to a much wider audience, so you can FINALLY earn more money while making a massive impact.

Each Module Will Have 3 Main Components:


Each module with start with a detailed training that you can access as audio or video. In each of these trainings, I go in depth on the ins and outs of that week’s topics, leaving no stone unturned, revealing everything I can possibly share so that you can implement quickly and effectively!

#2 – Signature System Training Guides

You’ll get a handout and worksheets, so you can go through all of the essential elements of the Signature System creation process step-by-step.


Each training is followed up with a Recorded Q&A session so you can ask your burning questions. These sessions are designed to address the most common issues and questions that arise during each module of the program.

Along with these 3 main components, you’ll also have…

Templates & Examples

If you’re someone who says ‘just give me an example!’ I’ve got you covered! You’ll get templates & examples for each step of the process, so creating your Signature System becomes SO much easier!

The Signature System Facebook Group

You’ll get access to a one of a kind group forum with other transformation entrepreneurs to keep you on track. This is, of course, optional depending on how involved you want to get but I highly recommend it as it’s an amazing support structure and a great place to get answers as you go through the program…

Kick-start Unlock Your Gifts Call Recording

One of the biggest challenges I see with transformational entrepreneurs is how to focus their gifts, and niche down into something that works as a system. On the ‘Unlock Your Gifts’ call, we’ll look at this both strategically, and from a mindset perspective, to help you discover the perfect way to focus your talents for maximum transformation, and price.

Just sold a $5000 package!

I just sold a “HELP! I Need a Miracle” Package. I was talking to myself in my head about lowering the price and cutting the student a deal (because, before working with Pamela I just charged $100/hour), BUT, I remembered what Pamela wrote to me, “If you’re making miracles happen, you need to be paid for miracles!” Sooo, I stuck with the price. And, her biggest concern was if she could make two payments and from where and how fast she could get that first payment to me! This whole process… has truly transformed my life.

Dr. Irene Blinston Ph.D.

Get Step by Step Guidance on How to Create Your Signature System So That You Can Start Earning $3,000 to $10,000 Per Client!

Happiness Guarantee

I understand that I make this investment at no risk. If I don’t love all the great information and transformation, I can let you know within 30 days and get a full refund.

Also, if you act now...I'll add 3 bonuses worth $1694. You'll get access to 3 exclusive BONUS Trainings.

Bonus #1: 19 Ways to Find Your Ideal Client Training ($300 Value) Easily locate those people eager to purchase your high-ticket, high-value          package. Identify places that your potential clients are hiding that you never even considered! Systematically discover new ways to connect with groups of your ideal clients.

Bonus #2: PROFITABLE FREE CONSULTATIONS ($497 Value) Get the step-by-step formula for exactly how to ask people to have a consultation with you, naturally and authentically. Keys to help your ideal clients say ‘yes, I’d love to speak with you!’ Confidently answer the question ‘how much do you charge?’

Bonus #3: Ticket to 3-day Live Event Transform: Tapping into Wealth and Business Mastery ($997 Value)

Join several hundred transformational entrepreneurs for a powerful experience of training, inspiration, and connection!

$68,000 in six weeks!

I’m so happy I joined Pamela’s program. In the first six weeks of working with her, I have booked $68,000 of clients for my programs!

John English JohnEnglishCoaching.com

So Are You Ready to Catapult Your Income, Business and Life Forward With Your Very Own Signature System? Choose the Option Below That Is Right For You...

Yes, Pamela! 

I’m in for the Signature System Blueprint.

I understand that I’ll receive:

The Signature System Blueprint Program


  6 Signature System Training Presentations ($497 value)

  6 Signature System Training Guides ($497 value)

  6 Recorded 90-minute training/Q&A calls ($397 value)

  Templates, examples, and handouts ($197 value)

  MP3s of all calls ($197 value)

  Private Facebook forum access (ask me questions 24/7!) (Priceless!)

  Kick-start ‘Unlock Your Gifts’ call ($217 value)

I’ll also receive:


Bonus 1: 19 Ways to Find Your Ideal Client Training (Valued at $300)


Bonus 3: Ticket to 3-day Live Event ‘Transform: Tapping into Wealth and Business Mastery’ (Valued at $997)

Total Value of $3796

Pay Only:



And then three monthly payments of $197 ($788 total)

Pay Only:


With one easy payment

“I’ve tripled my business”

“Six months ago I was at a point in my business where I was actually thinking about giving it up and quitting because I just was so paralyzed by my own fears. I didn’t know what the right steps were. And then I met Pamela Bruner. And six months later I’ve tripled my business. I have so much confidence because I know now that I’m not alone. And I don’t know everything and that’s okay. I don’t need to know everything because I have the support and the resources through Pamela that I need to be successful in my business and it’s truly transformed me into a fledgling business owner into a true entrepreneur.”

LeeAnn Shattuck WomensAutomotiveSolutions.com

What Happens After You Order?

Access the Members Only Area

Access Your Bonuses

Join the Facebook Community


After you order, you will be directed to The Signature System Blueprint members only area. You will also receive an email with your unique logins to get access at any time.


Once you log in to the members area you’ll get access to your three special bonuses to enjoy until the course starts on Monday.


  While not a requirement of the program, we do encourage you to join the private Facebook group designed to support you with this program.

So Does a Signature System Really Work?

Absolutely!  I went from $375 a month to $1,000,000 in less than 3 years with this system. And for the first two years, I wasn’t even working full-time in this business! My process has helped hundreds of other conscious entrepreneurs make the same shift. But you don’t have to take my word for it, here’s what my students have said…

“Pamela helped me to sell more and increase my profits!”

I have a heart-centered business so I didn’t want to come across salesy or inauthentic. Pamela was able to help me find a way to sell more and to increase my profits but do it the way that I want. If you are considering taking it up quite a few notches, this woman knows what she’s talking about. She’s done it herself. And not only has she done it herself, she is a brilliant facilitator and coach. She has the experience and she can teach you to how to do it. She’s awesome!

Rachael Jayne Groover TheYinProject.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t I have to get people to buy something cheap from me before they invest in something expensive?

-No, this is, unfortunately, a myth.  People invest at the level that is right for them, and more importantly, they invest based on 3 things:

       1 – The pain they’re experiencing.  

       2 – The result that you’re offering

       3 – And their personal money set point (how they value different things).  

The reality is that there are people out there right now who would be looking for your services, but you’re priced too low for them to think it’s valuable.  You’re priced below their money set point.

Also, when you discover the secrets of how to offer and talk about your Signature System, you’ll find it’s much easier to have someone say ‘yes’ to a $2000-3000 Signature System than it is to sell a $100 session.

I don’t like networking.  Will this still work for me?  

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely!  Networking is only one of the several ways I teach to sell your Signature System.  Plus, I’ll show you how to change the way you communicate with others about the work you do to make it enjoyable to talk to others about your work and not like you’re constantly trying to pitch everybody you talk to.

I already have a full practice.  Is this for me?

YES!  If you haven’t created your signature system, the best you can hope for is to be an over-worked giver.  You may be offering sessions of 5 to 10 sessions, which just means you’re getting paid less per hour. You have no time freedom and you’ll top out at $70,000 to $90,000 per year.  And if you stop working for a day or a week, your income drops.

Building your Signature System will allow you to earn more income with less time and all while have a BIGGER impact on the people you work with!